Tik tok reaches a historic milestone: 1 billion monthly active users

Tiktok has reached a record high in the number of monthly active users. According to the company, the application now has more than a billion active users. Tiktok voices the recipe for success: the presence of music, food, beauty, art and education on the platform – these categories correspond to the latest trends.

Tiktok t Byezh facebook

In xea april Tiktok stack on t’tok t’wa t’ln, so-called t.n.v. in Mr. Facebook, kotaya lie t’rlk t’rlk lk’nk. Facebook currently has 2.9 billion monthly active users, as shown in the latest quarterly report for the end of July. ee esu Tiktok tiktok (ektok) ektok ety from Facebook.
However, from the point of view of growth, the relationship is the opposite. While the number of Facebook users is growing by 7% annually, according to the report, the service has 45% more users than in July last year. Tiktok sosteyt in uh Reuters,

The USA is one of the most important markets

According to the company, the most important markets are the USA, Europe, Brazil and Southeast Asia. In the US, former President Donald Trump tried to force Tiktok to sell its international business to American investors. He imposed a ban on the application. Incumbent President Joe Biden canceled these measures.

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